Monday, October 11, 2010

The Promise

In my first post I mentioned that I believe I am to carry on the mantle of my great grandmother. This is a poem I wrote in response to awakening to the reality of that legacy.

The Promise
Abraham was just a man,
The Lord had called to leave Haran.
So Abraham obeyed and went,
To the place where he was sent.
He did not doubt, no not like Thomas,
For God had given him a promise.
“You won’t have fortunes or much fame,
But a son will carry on your name.
You’ll be the father of all nations,
And your heritage will last for generations.”
Florence was like Abraham,
She came into a foreign land.
She had no fortune had no fame,

But she had faith in the Lord’s Name.
And when her beloved husband died and left her in a lurch,
The Lord called out, “Stand on your feet and build for Me a church.”
So she obeyed and did not doubt,
No, she was not like Thomas.
For somewhere deep within her soul,
The Lord gave her a promise.
A promise is a spoken word its something like a dream,
The Spirit calls throughout the age,”Believe in the unseen!”
I never heard my Nanny say, “I know you are the one”,
But I believe I am a promise just like Abraham’s son.
I do not know where He will lead, so I will just be still.
For I know I’ve a task to do, a promise to fulfill.

(Sheree A. Harrington, July 7, 2009)
Peace In Christ,
Pastor Sheree

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