Friday, October 16, 2015


It has almost been one month since my mother passed away. Time seems to fly so quickly and as I was observing the changes in nature that are presently occurring all around me, I felt a poem rise up within to express my feelings in this new season.


Changes before my eyes I see,
Images of sadness and visions of beauty.
Life is ending all around,
Natures's glory makes no sound.
Colors respond to their Savior's command,
It's time to sleep in death again.
Human bodies frail and weak,
In the dying reach their peak.
They hear the Father's voice say, "Come!
Your time on earth is now all done."
His words are spoken from my heart,
Over one from whom I must part.
Spring will come around once more,
And all creation won't ignore, 
The call of Him who says, "Arise!"
As nature opens up her eyes.
Human bodies once so weak,
Will rise up their Lord to meet.
Changes before my eyes I'll see,
No more sadness but glory.
Seasons there will be no more,
And His Presence we will adore.
Open up my eyes to see,
Beyond the veil that covers me.
That this heart which harbors pain,
Peace and comfort will regain. 
Seasons, seasons changing me,
Colors in my life will be,
Painted by the Master's hand,
So one day I'll understand,
The power of what our God has done,
In the suffering of His Son.

Pastor Sheree

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