Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have never had the opportunity to counsel anyone in my practice who was actively hearing voices in their head. In private practice I am not afforded the luxury of having a back-up crisis intervention team to deal with the challenges that psychosis presents. I can only imagine how uncomfortable and scary it must be to hear someone or something speaking to you that no one else hears.    And although it is in no way a close comparison, when we are bombarded with the opinions of others trying to help us discern God's will in a particular situation, it can feel like you're "going crazy." That's how I've been feeling lately regarding this church plant. So many well meaning people are trying to offer their guidance on what to do and how to proceed based on their experiences. Some have even questioned if this is really God's will for me and I ask that same question of God on a frequent basis. So, I include this poem as my "psalm" to the Lord at this very challenging time. 
Blessed Be the Name of The Lord!
Pastor Sheree


So many voices that I hear,
Each one telling me, “draw near,
“I’ll tell you where to go today,
And promise not to lead you astray.”
But still confusion crowds my mind,
God, would you please show me a sign?
You promised that you would be true,
And tell me clearly what to do.
But sometimes when I try to rest,
I’m overcome with emptiness.
I want so much to do Your will, 
To know You’re God and to be still.
But Lord I’m feeling so afraid,
To step out on the churning waves.
I cannot see the solid ground,
And voices tell me,”you may drown.”
So, come to me O Lord Most High,
Hear my desperation cry.
Cover me with grace this day,
Point me towards Your holy way.
Bid Your Spirit to draw near,
So You’re the only voice I hear.

(Sheree A. Harrington, October 24, 2013)

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