Friday, March 29, 2013

Resurrection Song

As we approach Easter, let us celebrate the victory the Lord has won for us. HE IS RISEN!
Have a Blessed Easter!
Pastor Sheree

Resurrection Song
Journey with me to Calvary’s tree, 
To see One who died for you.
Journey with me to Calvary’s tree,
And know what He said is true.
He came as a gift when the world was adrift,
In need of some hope and some light.
He promised that He was the light of the world and could scatter the darkness of night.
He was set apart to heal broken hearts and demonstrate God’s perfect will,
But some would not come and said, “God’s will is not done. This is a man we must kill.”
And so that last week in Jerusalem’s streets, the people would hail Him as king,
But on that dark night when His followers took flight, echoes of “Crucify!” did ring.
They raised Him up high, some laughed, others cried, was He just misunderstood?
How can it be that the ones who believed, now see their Lord nailed to some wood.
But in the end He would triumph again, and the grave would not keep Him at bay,
Victorious He rose, His enemies to expose, and usher in a brighter day.
Life is now ours for Jesus has conquered the powers of death and the grave,
His precious blood that was shed on the cross, now has the power to save.
Journey with me to Calvary’s tree and see that He hangs there no more,
Bow down and worship the Risen King, the One whom the Father adores!

(Rev. Sheree A Harrington, March 28, 2013)


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sheree. He is our hope and our strength. The Savior who loves. The Savior lived so He could die--so we can live.

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I appreciate your comment and support! God Is good!